Notes from iPad in Education Meeting at St, Andrews School, October 20, 2010

These are the notes from my table:
  • Keys School - deciding whether or not to go 1-1 and if the iPad would be an appropriate choice.
  • Widespread agreement that the iPad can do about 90% of what a student needs to do, but will need to be supplemented with a laptop cart or lab.
  • All would like to see more textbooks on mobile devices. McGraw Hill is releasing a algebra app; more textbooks by 2012 according to Apple rep
  • There is a lack of management tools for imaging, etc. Apple knows this. Third party apps are best bet for now
  • Hillbrook is piloting the iBook with 40 students
  • Questions about other input devices; keyboard, mouse. Can small hands be able to hold iPad for photography when that feature becomes available?
  • How to choose applications? Track applications.
  • Face it. The iPad is a single user device and calls for a different model of ownership in schools.
  • With young children, some sort of filtering is needed. Check out Mobicip
  • Paradigm shift for making these personal devices even for young children. Filtering.Electronic markup of assignments
  • What is the future of open source on these devices; there is a free developers kit, but the core of the Apple distribution model is different from that of FOSS.
  • People like that when they are using their iPad in a meeting, it imparts a different feeling in meetings than a laptop with the screen barrier where I appear to hide behind my computer.
  • Is there any student response system software for iPads? HIllbrook used a simple program for students to hold up rating numbers for presentations, but data is not electronically collected.
  • Where is the critical mass for iPads in education? Do you lead or follow?
  • iPad may be more of an evolutionary device, and its use and that of similar mobile devices is a question of when not if.
  • For the price you can get a decent netbook that does more than an iPad.
  • There's of lot of excitement about the iPad which is in itself an important motivation for getting teachers and students enthused about their use.
  • Education will put a lot of demands on education for this device and it will not be as lucrative a market for Apple as the consumer market. So will Apple ever create a special iPad for ed model?
  • Scientific probes for mobile devices; ability to add other devices to supplement the mobile devices. Will these come to iPad. Rumors are that Vernier will have something within 12 mos.
  • There was a brief demo of Audionote for iPad; taking notes, annotating it, adding drawings. No speech to text or handwriting recognition
  • Could the MacBook Air eventually become a tablet? Rotate the screen, make the screen touch sensitive, you have a tablet.
  • Is anyone using IOS for teaching computer science courses?
- Steve Taffee

Notes from Bobby Bardenhagen, MCDS
(Please forgive the cryptic notation. I used the iPad since my macbook battery was dead.)

Areas of usage
  • Usage outside? Screen disappears when wearing polarized sunglasses.
  • How would this work for a PE classes where teachers typically wear sunglasses.
  • Consensus seems to be more geared for lower grades.
  • Cart program in class
  • Taking home as supplement device, but hacking/jailbreaking a concern.

How to use it in the classroom?
  • Require teachers during the trial to demonstrate 2-3 apps
  • Need to really work to brainstorm what apps would best suit the class/environment
  • Giving teachers $75 iTunes gift card to get apps.
  • One school handed out 18 over the summer to get ideas form teachers. iPads were reluctantly handed back over the summer and 18 added and they are using set of 36 for this school year (Larry Steinke Saint Francis High School).

Some apps being used as a result of summer:
  • Voice recorder for world language
  • Story kit- Spanish teacher is using
  • Notorize for taking notes
  • Using drop box - all kids have an account. Teacher drops into drop box.
  • Body modality - digital dissection app
  • Elements - periodic table of elements
  • Schools that have a SIS provided portal are finding that using drop box is easier
  • updating Wiki's from the ipad that contain homework/course information
  • Pasco - coming out with Bluetooth digital microscope. View content from ipad on their desk. Syncs in with air micro pad app
  • Sonic pics. - podcast app

Voting Apps
  • Responsewear
  • Eclicker
  • Web based response systems
  • Could we use this in place of promethean?
  • No mirroring of screen yet, but may be on horizon according to apple rep.
  • Iannotate - digitally correct a word document.

Monitoring and management
  • Lanschool as a possibility to monitor a iPad screen. There is a lite version that is free to school.

One to one discussion
  • Schools that have them experience a ton of screen breakage. Mentioned hat they had no problems back in the day when they had the carts.
  • Insurance program/deductible fee is in place at saint Andrews
  • Also have write-ups and referrals
  • 3 year rotation on laptops, but how would this look like
  • Provide a matrix of. Free open source in place of the paid version ( open office vs word)
  • Always on bag
  • Leave the 5th in place
  • Philosophy of using multiple ways to get to a problem vs. A cookie cutter approach to getting to resources
  • Citrix option of putting the processing on a server so ipads or laptops have.

What grades is this suitable for?
  • Tracing apps for lower school. Prekindergarten-2 or 3

What cant you do?
  • Podcasting is not done very well
  • Google docs doesn't save so need to use gdocs apps (fix coming soon)
  • If everything is app based and you go access another device, you have a problem.
  • Anything that runs with java or JavaScript is in question.

What can you do that cant be done on a laptop?
  • Viable textbook replacement. Getting rid of the backpack?
  • St Andrews have books and an online version for all textbooks.

Should we focus less on what we can't do and more of what we can do.
  • Piano analogy - Why would I use this electric piano when I have spent years learning on this wonderful baby grand piano?

  • Very gradual training (moodle implementation at Harker as example)
  • -assignment title and description for first year, then next year uploading documents.
  • Copy machine to convert docs to digital really eased the transition. Web based or email document retrieval.

Google apps
  • Google apps improved login. Ability to sign in as a student

IT discussion
  • Parental control software to disable various websites for take home iPads
  • Mobicip. - 4.99 for the basic app.
  • With the premium you have more specific control.
  • Jailbreaking is still an issue
  • Using her account to wipe the iPad if offending software loaded
  • Layers app - prevents student from having
  • Management tools will roll out with 4.2 - printing management tools will be coming. The problem with the current os is that it is single user based.
  • Folder structure coming to ipads divide up apps by classes.

Current way before 4.2 is to sync all devices on one iTunes device. YIKES!!
  • There is a corporate management software for the iphone that can be used now but not built for iPad specifically.

  • Inkling
  • Apps from publishers are still limited. Teachers are making paper versions electronic by scanning and turning them into epub format.
  • Is this going to reduce the backpack weight?

Apple Rep App demos
  • Audio note - note taking application timestamps and associates with audio
  • Pages. Built in tutorial which is a plus (Awesome app! I could see this being used by SSS)
  • Copy and paste from browser to iPhoto, if you wanted to embed in pages for example
  • Google docs will have editable docs on iPad in next few weeks.

Volume licensing for multiple app purchasing (20 or more)