Notes from the November 10, 2010 gathering at San Domenico School where over forty educational technologists talked iPad...

Aran Levasseur, Middle School History Teacher at San Domenico
Producing media...variety of pioneers creating music or art -How can we consume and not produce media? (quote by ?)
  • Keynote and Pages still pleasant
  • Maybe Mac carts become production studios w ipads as the everyday
  • Content apps
  • Periodic table
  • Nothing remotely compares to computer apps but it will come

  • Double tap to define, annotate, highlight
  • Increases productivity/organization
  • Google apps has been a godsend for test calendars, organization, platform is irrelevant, more paperless
  • Uses KNOLS ( to put history units together, then have students link to them
  • Evernote let's you capture parts of web pages, photos, etc
  • Note Taker HD (Can type or handwrite)
  • Mindnode mind mapping - Car Repos
  • iCardsort .. Can email decks and lists
  • Greater executive functioning w/ iPads
  • Shakespeare In Bits: Romeo and Juliet, acted out with videos and text
  • San Domenico right now has a cart that doesn't go home
  • DropBox to send

Elise Marinkovich, Technology, Hillbrook, Los Gatos
  • Hillbrook has ipads for whole 7th grade (parent donation!) with a single configuration
  • Teachers sync w their own iTunes accounts
  • Installed mobicip which is a parental control for YouTube or Safari
  • Mobicip lets you buy licenses with different levels based on age. Can't do Facebook
  • She goes into classrooms every two weeks to support program
  • The kids use iPads to type without keyboards
  • Plans to do a project on story kit with 1st grade/7th Grade buddies
  • Uses voice recorders for language homework
  • Uses email and drop box
  • Apps: Ithoughts, keynote, elements, pages, eclicker
  • Hasn't found most textbooks but is working with amazon and iBooks. Certain things aren't available on iBooks or Amazon (try Barnes & Noble Nook app)
  • Teachers got them a month in advance and teachers had to give apps suggestions. Received iTune credit card. Tech mentor looks for apps to match with projects
  • Apps voucher uses a p.o. In order to volume purchase apps
  • One app for five is changing
  • Accountability apps to use and how use them in the classroom. Observe classroom form for use by admin

Cécile Lelievre, SF University HS
  • Piloting a 1:1 iPad program in Chinese 1&3 and Astronomy. Will also look at windows tablet and run a separate pilot with those devices.
  • Chinese 1&3 and Astronomy class have ipads that can go home. Students can take it with them for one year and sign contract as pilot. Have committee to study findings and explore apps
  • Management...they are preloaded for each kid with apps and videos. Waiting for apple solution to manage and push apps
  • Favorite Apps: Chinese, Chinese Writer...for stroke order
  • Penultimate...creates little notebooks with handwritten notes
  • Jot Free app for sketches and diagrams. There's also a Pro version
  • Notetaker HD
  • Soundnote with drop box and audio notation
  • iAnnotate works with PDFs
  • Using Citrix they can have a virtual desktop and can save files directly to is called Citrix... gives access to MS suite, Flash, etc. Like a remote desktop
  • Requires a Citrix server running with expensive licensing. $300 per user, concurrent users.
  • Turns your iPad into a windows 7 machine
  • Airsketch--virtual whiteboard--needs to be connected to laptop
  • Dodo Case -- Bamboo iPad Case

Yolanda Escandón, Marin Primary
  • Bought a lab (12?) to mostly use with primary & preschool grades. Huge success.
  • Great for early literacy & math
  • Trainyard...puzzles w train track from one place to another
  • Having a harder time finding GOOD apps for grades 2-4
  • Soundrop game of geometry and sounds
  • AMNH Dinosaur apps
  • ABC tracer

Muffy from Apple:
  • JAMF Casper has announced a new part of the suite that can manage ipads!
  • MDM is the mobile device management API -- 3rd party companies will begin developing management tools

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Additional Info:
Boinx has come out with direct from iPad to Projector $1.99

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