Talk #5
Free/Open Source Software in the Classroom (Jaime
The slideshow (PDF) is hereif you want to get your hands on my keynote via just let me know.
You can see -some- of my students productions here
"Things" I have mentioned during my lecture
Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business (wired, March 2008)
Linux-Stop Holding Our Kids Back (Project Helios)
French Lawmakers Hope to Inspire Linux Revolution
Ubuntu Compiz-Fusion

Some interesting links for the classroom...

Scratch- Alice
Sketchup - Sketchucation-Sketchup 3D Warehouse
Geogebra- Car Metal
Open Office
Creative Commons
Tux Paint

Tux4kids (TuxType&TuxMaths) Gcompris
Also since I had a chat about the Machinima "movement" Movies Game
I don't want to get into flamewars about violence in video games,my point here is that this "high school Kid Machinima video" got more than 6 Millions views on Youtube. 6 Millions views, hmm maybe there is something to learn here...
Call of Duty 4 Gun Sounds!

For those of you who are interested in Computer Clusters in Open Source Environments.
French Ministry of Education Linux Distro for Network Services (Squid, Iptables,...)