Here are the areas we discussed relating to safety:

Password protect sites - no guest access. Make private.
Pictures – Should we use student full names? (None of the four of us in the breakout group do that, even on private sites.) What is the advantage of last names as everyone looking at the site (students, teachers, parents) know the students. Should we even put first names with a picture if it identifies the students and is on a public site?
What do you outline in your student and faculty handbook – make sure the safety issues are covered, make them specific, but not so specific that it locks you in since the technology is changing. Review your AUP and handbooks annually and update as needed.
Put it in your handbook that if you are doing something associated with the school that you are representing the school and you can be disciplined for it. (e.g. If you make a video of yourself smoking and put it on Youtube and you are wearing a school sweatshirt.)
Make sure you have a myspace account, search on youtube, have a facebook, etc. Regularly go on and search for new instances of your school name, headmaster name, etc. You can also set up alerts in Google to send you an email if someone creates something new with a certain set of text (e.g. your school name.)
Students will continue to create social networking pages that include lots of personal information. We need to continue to educate them of the risk.
One thing to share with teachers and students is that of identity Theft – you are putting this information out there and this could lead to identity theft.
Consider what you can put on your intranet. Does it need to be available offsite?